MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter Mission Capable:

MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter

MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter

The MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter sets the standard for performance, reliability, and safety in the light twin-engine Attack Helicopter class. The multi-mission helicopter is certified single-pilot IFR, powered by two Pratt and Whitney 207E engines with Category A capability, and features the MDHI-exclusive NOTAR® system for anti-torque and directional control. The up-to-8-place MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter safely and effectively executes a broad range of military, para-military and utility missions including Light Attack, Combat Search & Rescue, CASEVAC/MEDEVAC, Command & Control, and Personnel Transport. 

Estimated Performance Capabilities

Max Gross Weight Internal
6,500 lb
Max. Gross Weight External
6,900 lb
Useful Load
3,125 lb
Hover-In Ground Effect
10,650 ft
Hover-Out Ground Effect
8,750 ft
Max Cruise Speed
141 kts
422 nm
MD 969 Brochure PDF 7 MB


With an integrated composite 6-station weapons plank and up to 8-place seating, the MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter can be custom configured to carry an efficient combination of suppressive fire and precision weapons as well as easily configured and reconfigured to meet an ever-changing array of requirements, from Aerial Combat and Special Forces missions to Troop and Cargo Transport, CASEVAC/MEDEVAC and Light Attack.

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