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MD 902 Explorer

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MD 902 Explorer

The MD 902 Explorer is a multipurpose twin-engine helicopter that sets the standard in performance, affordability, dependability and safety for light and medium-twin engine helicopters. With operators in every market segment – air medical, law enforcement, search and rescue, electronic newsgathering, executive transport, offshore and utility – the MD 902 Explorer couples high performance with low direct operating costs to rise above the rest.

Estimated Performance Capabilities

Max Gross Weight: Int
6,500 lb
Max Gross Weight: Ext
6,900 lb
Useful Load
3,125 lb
Hover-In Ground Effect
10,650 ft
Hover-Out Ground Effect
8,780 ft
Maximum Cruise Speed
131 kt
Max Rate of Climb
2120ft / min
328 nm
MD 902 Brochure PDF 9.7 MB Technical Description


Safety has been integrated into the MD 902 Explorer from the start. Engineered for occupant safety and crash worthiness for impacts up to 30Gs at 30 feet-per-second, no other light or medium-twin helicopter even comes close to that capability. Powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PW207E engines, the MD 902 Explorer features a fully articulated main rotor system, bearingless composite flexbeams and rotor hub. The most extraordinary safety feature of the MD 902 Explorer is the anti-torque control provided by the patented NOTAR® system. NOTAR technology reduces pilot workload and external noise levels, and significantly improves safety in confined areas and on offshore platforms.



Beyond its sleek aerodynamic lines, the performance parameters of the MD 902 Explorer have been enhanced, enabling greater operating capability at maximum internal weight for hover, speed and maneuverability in all wind directions. With the largest functional cabin the light –twin category, the MD 902 Explorer allows the flexibility to configure the aircraft for a range of specific mission requirements.


The MD 902 Explorer was designed with the maintainer in mind. A built-in Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) enables technicians to download engine and flight data whenever necessary. The transmission may be removed without displacing the rotor hub or rotor blades. The MD 902 Explorer also features built-in maintenance steps and platforms. Its composite airframe is resistant to corrosion in hostile environments, and while MDHI helicopters are built on a reputation for extraordinary design and exceptional performance, equally important is our dedication to customer support.



Helicopter pilots and operators demand the best. With performance, versatility, space, safety and efficiency, the MD 902 Explorer delivers. At MD Helicopters, our long-term success is built upon our passion for superior products, innovative thought and operational processes that are focused on the needs of our customers.

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