MD 600N Mission Capable:

MD 600N

MD 600N

Some missions require more from a helicopter. More speed. More power. More payload. More productivity. These missions require the MD 600N. The MD 600N boasts the outstanding handling qualities typical of all MD products, enhanced by a six-blade main rotor system. This makes the MD 600N exceptionally agile and smooth – superior for service in a variety of mission profiles.

Estimated Performance Capabilities

Max Gross Weight: Int
4,100 lb
Max Gross Weight: Ext
4,500 lb
Useful Load
2,000 lb
Hover-In Ground Effect
11,000 ft
Hover-Out Ground Effect
6,000 ft
Max Cruise Speed
134 kt
Max Operating Altitude
20,000 ft
380 nm
MD 600N Brochure PDF 5.6 MB Technical Description


The MD 600N is an eight-place, light, single-turbine engine helicopter that provides high performance and increased capacity to give the customer greater versatility; all with dramatically low operating costs. It flies faster, hovers higher, and provides the agility and exceptional handling for which the MD 500-series is known.


An independent safety study has shown that 21% of all helicopter accidents are related to tail rotor failure or impact with an external object. By eliminating the tail rotor, the NOTAR® system eliminates that danger. This feature also adds a significant margin of safety for ground personnel, particularly in confined landing areas.


MD Helicopters has built a reputation for extraordinary design and exceptional performance. Equally important is our dedication to customer support. At MDHI, our long-term success is built upon our passion for superior products, innovative thinking, and operational processes that are sharply focused on the needs of our customers.


The single-turbine MD 600N is a proven performer for a wide variety of mission requirements: executive transport, law enforcement, electronic news gather, utility operations, aerial survey, and as a light observation helicopter for military missions. With its advanced NOTAR® anti-torque system, the MD 600N is a member of an exclusive class of the safest, quietest helicopters in the world.

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