MD 530F Mission Capable:

MD 530F

MD 530F

The MD 530F is engineered to meet your requirements for hot-day, high-altitude operation. Equipped with the 650 shp Rolls-Royce 250-C30 engine, the MD 530F operates more effectively in hot, high environments than other helicopters in its class. It offers the performance you need at a lower cost of ownership.

Estimated Performance Capabilities

Max Gross Weight: Int
3,350 lb
Max Gross Weight: Ext
3,750 lb
Useful Load
1,627 lb
Hover-In Ground Effect
14,280 ft
Hover-Out Ground Effect
Max Cruise Speed
134 kt
Max Operating Altitude
16,000 ft
260 nm
MD 530F Brochure PDF 1.2 MB Product Description

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