MD 530F Cayuse Warrior Mission Capable:

MD 530F Cayuse Warrior

Scout Attack
MD 530F Cayuse Warrior

An evolution of the fabled OH-6 Cayuse light observation helicopter and known for speed, safety, agility and the ability to operate with ease in confined spaces, the Armed MD530F Light Scout Attack Helicopter delivers increased operational capabilities, greater mission versatility and superior performance in the execution of a broad range of mission profiles. 

Estimated Performance Capabilities

Max Gross Weight: Int
3,300 lb
Max Gross Weight: Ext
3,750 lb
Useful Load
2,159 lbs
Hover-In Ground Effect
16,000 ft
Hover-Out Ground Effect
14,400 ft
Max Cruise Speed
135 kt
Service Ceiling
16,000 ft
235 nm
MD 530F Brochure PDF 1.2 MB Product Description


Adaptable to support a wide range of training and operational missions, the MD 530F Cayuse Warrior offers a safe and efficient crew environment and mission training skills that will positively transfer to other platforms. 

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