MD 520N Mission Capable:

MD 520N

Quiet and Safe.
Fast and Potent.
MD 520N

The MD 520N is one of just three helicopters – all manufactured by MD Helicopters, Inc. – to feature the exclusive NOTAR® system for anti-torque and directional control. By replacing conventional tail rotors with the NOTAR system, the margin of safety immediately increases for crew and aircraft, and the noise decreases; making it an exceptional choice for operation in confined and densely populated areas.

Estimated Performance Capabilities

Max Gross Weight: Int
3,350 lb
Max Gross Weight: Ext
3,850 lb
Useful Load
1,764 lb
Hover-In Ground Effect
9,300 ft
Hover-Out Ground Effect
5,600 ft
Max Cruise Speed
123 kt
Max Operating Altitude
20,000 ft
210 nm
MD 520N Brochure PDF 6 MB Technical Description

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