E-to-F Conversion

Increased Utility. Improved Performance. More Power.

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No matter what the mission scenario, every pilot could use more power. Whether it’s for increased payload or improved margin of safety, additional power has always been a pilot’s friend.

MD Helicopters offers an FAA-approved factory-direct recertification program that will transform your MD 500E into a type-certified MD 530F with zero-time engine for a fraction of the cost of a new helicopter.

Realizing the hot and high performance benefits of an MD 530F has never been easier to achieve.   Available exclusively through MD Helicopters’ Mesa, Arizona facility, the E-to-F conversion upgrade allows MD 500E operators to have their existing helicopter factory-recertified as a type certified (369FF) MD 530F.  Over a period of weeks, the MD Helicopters factory MRO facility will perform airframe modifications to the latest standards, install a Rolls-Royce 250-C30HU engine and complete all scheduled airframe inspections. The increased performance and payload of the MD 530F will immediately expand mission capabilities.

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All 500E models originally certified as commercial helicopters are candidates for conversion to new MD 530F models. Aircraft previously certified for military or non-commercial operation may also be eligible. An MD Aftermarket and Customer Support professional can help make this determination.


The E-to-F conversion process follows a strict, FAA-approved 20-step process that begins with a visual inspection, logbook review, and comprehensive assessment of all installed optional equipment. Over the next 8-10 weeks the E model is disassembled and all airframe modifications, component installation, inspection, testing and certifications occur. In the end, the aircraft is ready to begin life as an FAA-approved, factory-certified 530F model with a zero-time motor.  

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